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LED floodlight

It has forced out halogen, metal halogen and sodium lamps due to apparent disadvantages. Modern spotlight has a range of benefits.

  • efficiency - 1 W provides 121 lm of luminous flux;
  • a broad range of temperatures is from -30ºС to +60ºС;
  • the resistance to shock and vibrations;
  • a broad working radius - up 100 thousand hours;
  • small dimensions ;
  • high safety indexes;
  • resistance to power grid fluctuations;
  • and more.

You just need to choose suitable variant. We will be glad to answer all your questions and provide necessary information. Our specialists also deal with design of lighting systems of any complexity for different facilities. The scope of use LED spotlight is rather broad:

  • outdoor lighting;
  • workshop and storage lighting;
  • light effects ;
  • illumination of buildings and rooms.

Prior to choose LED spotlight, we recommend you to consult with our manager and read the information below. This information will be interesting and useful for you.

Selection criteria of LED floodlight

LED spotlight is represented by a broad range of models website. Each model differs from the other one by its specifications. It is necessary to consider the following parameters so that your choice meets your expectations:

  • luminous flux and power;
  • overall dimensions and attachment type;
  • light transmission efficiency — CRI;
  • index of moisture and dust proof.

Luminous flux and power of the device determine luminous intensity. For reference, in halogen lamp, 1 W provides 15-22 lm and 20 lm in metal halogen lamp. In filament lamp 1 W provides 10 lm while LED spotlight with the same power ensures 121 lm and up to 180 lm in some cases. As you can see, the advantage of the latter variant is obvious.

Light direction is an angle, at which luminous flux diverges, For instance, dissipation model is designed for large territories and acting-area spotlight illuminates at small angle however it provides more intensive light. It is suitable for small areas.

Moisture and dust proof index indicates the degree of protection of the casing against penetration of moisture and foreign matter. It also determines where LED floodlight can be used.

Our specialists will provide detailed information. Call us by specified telephone numbers.

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