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"BPP" is truly competent company in the LED lighting industry. Our team are specialised in design, manufakture and mass adoption of energy-saving LED lighting systems.Our main goal is the satisfaction the needs of the customer (hereafter PARTNER) by reducing energy consumption and increasing the level of lighting comfort.

Our philosophy is based on the recognition and active development the concept of "QUALITY LIGHT". We have our own engineering department and production capacity, our company is the manufakturer high-quality LED products "LED-SVU".

We use in our LED luminaires high-efficiency LEDs TM OSRAM (Germany). Our company produces and realizes a wide range of led lighting fixtures, like, industrial lighting, floodlights, street lighting, petrol stations lighting, retail and office lighting.

We are confident in quality of our products therefore warranty period of our products is equal to 5 years.

We offer

Calculation and design of led light
Calculation and design of led light
Production of unique LED lamps that have no analogues
Production of unique LED lamps that have no analogues
Improvement of lighting systems
Improvement of lighting systems
Replacing installed energy-intensive models with economical LED lamps
Replacing installed energy-intensive models with economical LED lamps
Warranty and post-warranty service
Warranty and post-warranty service

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Our services cover different fields that require high quality and power-saving lighting. We cooperate with both, large companies and partners with small budget. We offer professional services in production and design of lighting for industrial, street facilities and custom lighting depending on your needs.

We are aimed at satisfaction of customer’s needs. This includes excellent quality of offered LED products, reasonable project based on your demands and affordable price of services. For us, light design is an individual approach to the work. We thoroughly design each component to get the project that obviously meets your demands.

Of course, we would not reach the success if the production of LED lamps "LED-SVU" did not meet demands of modern buyer. This refers to the quality of manufactured LED lamps. However, we have something to brag about since we have modern design and engineering department in our disposal.

Moreover, our team includes real professionals who do their job perfectly. Due to high qualification level of our employees, innovative technologies and modern equipment for production of LED lamps, we may offer high –quality products. Model range:

  • industrial analogues;
  • street lighting models;
  • different types of floodlights;
  • lighting of petrol stations and parking areas;
  • office models.

If you order light design in our company, you will receive finished project, which is paid back for a short time period, characterized by usability and long lifetime.

What does it means "high-quality light"?

Our philosophy is based on the notion ‘high-quality light’. This means that you will receive not just stable light fittings. We, being a leader in production of LED luminaires, guarantee the reduction of costs for power and future maintenance. For example, service life of our products is 100 thousand hours, and money saving reaches 85% due to the use of high-quality LED technology.

You shouldn’t be surprised about such high indexes. The production of LED lights includes the use of components from world leaders. We cooperate with German company OSRAM that provides us with efficient LEDS. Taiwan company MEAN WELL is considered to be the leader among manufacturers of power supplies. This high-quality components result in high competitive ability and demand for our products ate the market.

In spite of light design, we offer other services to our customers. Anyway, you will get knowledgeable assistance, and we will reach desirable result together.

  • calculation and design of LED lighting systems;
  • free warranty maintenance;
  • improvement of lighting systems;
  • replacement of installed energy-intensive models with economical LED lamps;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

We have rebates and special offers, including light design. For more details, contact us by phone. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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