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Industrial lighting

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Problems that can be solved by industrial lamps.

BPP offers you to buy reliable industrial lamps for facilities of different scale. Today, we have successfully realized a series of projects, including projects for large companies, in production workshops, building sites and storage rooms. We have a serious and professional approach to the work. Design and installation of lighting systems provides for correct installation of all its components. Moreover, the result of our work meets safety requirements and reduces costs in future. Our specialists have a broad experience and are able to offer you reasonable solution.

Due to our industrial lamps, you may forget the need in their maintenance for 100 000 hours (operational life of LEDs at the average load of the company and daily operation of 12 hours). Service life of these lamps is 23 years, and the price for the electricity will be by 8-10 lower in comparison with old lamps and by 4 times lower in comparison with luminous lamps. Moreover, you do not need to think about disposal of mercury LED lamps. Surely, there are other features of industrial LED lamps. Due to all these features, LED lamps Svetovit have become popular at the market as they completely meet all demands to modern industrial lights.

Regardless the scale of your company, we organize local and general lighting. We work at both, facilities with the area of up to 100 m2 and rooms with the area over 1000 m2. All our works are characterized by high professional level and consider all your desires. We offer you to see ready-made solutions in section ‘ Our Projects’ and make yourself familiar with benefits of our industrial lamps.

Apparent advantages of industrial lamps

Individual approach is a key to success of our projects but it would be impossible to reach the success without reliable industrial lamps. Modern production technology and high professional level of our staff ensures the following:

  • high economic effect due to the use of lighting fixtures. This means that power demands for illumination of the facility reduces by many times;
  • Long service life. Industrial LED lamps can operate up to 100 thousand hours continuously;
  • Short payback period of industrial lamps. Considering such impressive indexes of operation and power efficiency, payback period of the project is approximately one years ( working schedule is equal to 8 hours and 6-9 months under continuous operation conditions);
  • High safety level. The design of the lamp is free of harmful components;
  • Simple utilization pattern. Industrial LED lamps do not require disposal;
  • Diversity of luminous flux. You may choose dissipated, spot, cold and warm light and also lamps of different shape, including dome or liner lamps;
  • Usability. All models have modern body, small dimensions, high protection level and different attachment variants.

The benefits of our industrial lamps are evident. All you need is just to call by the phone number specified on the website and purchase suitable models:

  • dome lamps with optical converter;
  • dome lamps without optical converter ;
  • explosion proof lamps;
  • linear and other lamps.

We offer all necessary information and answer all your questions. Industrial lamps Our products do not only have high quality and are beneficial.

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