LED-SVU 12/24/36 V direct current

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  • LED-SVU 12/24/36 V direct current


In many enterprises, the requirements of occupational safety and health must use low-voltage lighting 12/24/36 V DC or AC. A series of low-voltage LED luminaires of our production is designed to illuminate rooms with high humidity (production and technical rooms, shower rooms, kitchens, etc.) to reduce the likelihood of a short circuit or electric shock to workers. LED lighting LED-SVU are installed as the main and emergency lighting of production, service, utility rooms, warehouses with flammable and explosive objects, in order to prevent emergencies.

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Specifications LED-SVU 12/24/36 V direct current
Power, V9-50
Luminous flux, lm1089-7050
Angle 120
LED efficiency, Lm/w 121/141
Color temperature, K 3200-6500
Possible power range, V ±20%
Coefficient of pulsation to 1,5%
Environmental humidity, %
Color rendering index >85
Degree of protection, IP 65
Body material aluminium alloy
Resource of work, hours
100 000
Warranty, years

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