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Street lighting

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LED street lights

They ensure excellent elimination of the facility in any daytime due to bright and powerful luminous flux based on led technology. Due to use of this technology, we have managed to reduce power costs and prolong service life of the devices. Moreover, the use of led technologies allows us to broaden the range of offered models. Here we offers you console type fixtures designed for street lighting.

LED street lamps of this series are perfect since they have excellent specifications. They are designed for operation in different conditions. Protection degree is IP65-67, and strong body ensures reliable protection from severe weather conditions, including strong wind, snow, rain, snowstorm, hail etc. The design of lamps ensures powerful luminous flux. Therefore you may install them on either large or small territories.

We offer use high-quality street lighting devices. Moreover, we deal with organization of projects that have different scale and complexity level. We work on individual basis and focus on your wishes and demands.

Specifications of street light fixtures

Old sodium and mercury vapor lamps are characterized by high power consumption and short service life. This has resulted in urgent need to replace them by modern LED street lamps. Our lamps are suitable for street lighting of roads, country sites, enterprises, parking areas and other facilities. Surely, long service life is not the only advantage of modern LED lamps:

  • design. The entire model range of LED lamps has modern ECO design;
  • body. We have mentioned lamp body for a reason. It consists of high-quality aluminum and its shape have passed strength tests. Lamp body ensures optimal cooling and sealing. Due to this fact, we may offer LED street lamps with long and stable service life. We may also reequip of already existing lamp bodies to provide additional cost saving;
  • Quality. Power adaptor. We use products TM Mean Well from Taiwan. It terms of technical characteristics, there products have considerable advantage over their competitors and are characterized by high efficiency, Moreover power adaptors for LED street lamps are designed for operation in unstable networks. Power source has several protection levels and meets European quality standards;
  • LEDS. We use led technology of German company OSRAM in production of our lamps. This technology ensures intensive luminous flux while saving electric power.

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